Denise Marchisotto

Natural Health & Wellness Consultant

Let’s Get Your Glow Back!

Achieving and maintaining good health is a constant challenge for most of us. It becomes a balancing act of putting together diet and nutrition, movement and fitness, hands on healing and regular relaxation, emotional, mental and spiritual clarity and life purpose, and a plan or routine to get good, consistent results. Simplifying the process of putting the pieces together became a passion of mine many years ago when faced with my own health challenges. My search for healing began early, discovering all the ways we can restore and maintain our health naturally.

Natural Healing

I then decided to make natural healing my profession, and went back to school for holistic studies, including massage therapy, spa and body therapies, clinical aromatherapy, holistic nutrition, herbology, the Eastern healing traditions of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, energy healing, meditation and many other things. I moved back to New Jersey from the West where I had studied, and set up practice, seeing thousands of clients over the last 30 years and seeing what worked to rejuvenate ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually throughout our lives.


As the years went by, after building a successful spa and wellness business, I became stressed out yet again, working 80 to 100 hours a week, not eating well, gaining weight, not getting enough exercise, my skin looked awful, and I realized I needed to take myself in hand. I got an officially diagnosed skin condition for which doctors wanted to put me on medications. I felt as if I had lost the healthy me that I had gotten into this field to maintain. I looked in the mirror and didn’t even recognize myself. I looked tired, overweight and worn out.

Cleansing and Recovery

I needed to do something fast. I remembered what had I relied on over the years to restore my health, and it was always cleansing. Cleansing my body had always brought me back to a baseline state of health that I could then see where I was really at.  I had done cleansing for many years, with whole, natural foods and natural juicing programs several times a year and I always felt great afterward. It always seemed to reset your health to a better place. Many ailments seemed to go away by themselves. This time I found an herbal detoxification program, and, in addition to the juicing, over a 6 week period lost the 20 pounds I had gained, cut my cravings, and looked and felt ten years younger! Everyone that saw me wanted to know what I had done. I again realized the miracle of natural healing and how cleansing your system could reverse degenerative aging conditions and poor health into glowing good health.

Health Challenges and Cleansing

I also had observed over the years that when other people faced major health challenges, ultimately many of them had used cleansing to restore their health. I used to think, why do we only cleanse when faced with a health crisis?  Instead, why don’t we just do this on a regular basis and make it a part of our lifestyle, rather than using it as a last resort to pull ourselves back from the brink?  The challenge is, of course, to organize our lives to be able to embrace a cleansing lifestyle. All it really needs is a little knowledge and a little organization to carry it out successfully.

Movement and Fitness

Other factors I found very helpful in restoring a youthful glow were consistent movement and exercise. Again, a baseline of fitness will make a lot of aches and pains go away. You can always draw from your bank of fitness in difficult times if you’ve put away time and effort. Exercise also is good for your mental outlook, as the endorphins make you feel better in very short order.

Relaxation and Spa Therapy

Therapeutic massage, spa treatments and hands on healing therapies are also key in restoring a feeling of well being. People have been using these natural therapies for centuries because they make you feel better — quickly and easily.  Massage and spa time were another important component that always seemed to get left out.  Sometimes it’s hard to justify the expense of a massage or spa visit, but ultimately, if you keep up a regular routine, you will feel better most of the time, with less aches and pains and fewer expensive and time-consuming doctor visits.

Embrace a Wellness Lifestyle

So then how does one incorporate a wellness lifestyle into an already hectic, busy life with many demands on us? We all know how difficult it is to squeeze everything in.  But ask yourself, why could one person be slim, toned and happy and another person was not? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The answer is, it needs to become a choice to embrace a wellness lifestyle, to choose and then prioritize and carry out all the positive activities that bring us a healthy self. It is actually easier to maintain a baseline of health than to get an illness and then have to crawl back and do the things you know you should have been doing anyway, but were seemingly too busy to do.

Programs for a Healthier Lifestyle

As a result over all these years of study and practice, I have put together proven programs that help people have a healthier lifestyle. Please join us to feel better, look better, have a lot more energy to do the things you want in life, and get your glow back!

To your good health!


Natural Health

Serenity Day Spa, Central New Jersey

Denise Marchisotto was founder and former director of Serenity Day Spa, one of the first day spas in central New Jersey. With a staff of 30, she specialized in holistic day spa treatments combined with a high level of personalized service designed to assist in health and rejuvenation.

With over 35 years of experience in the Natural Health Industry, she is also a Certified Massage Therapist for over 30 years, a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor and a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

Denise is also trained and experienced in nutritional cleansing, spa and body therapies, energy healing, herbalism, Eastern healing traditions, marketing, design, and business development. In addition, she has been a Natural Health Educator, designing and teaching wellness programs and has lectured to business and professional groups.

Since selling the spa to a large corporation in 2002, using her degree in Marketing & Design, she has worked as a Spa Consultant to a major international spa consulting firm instituting retail and marketing programs for locations under their management.

Denise empowers others to achieve a high level of wellness, increase their energy, lose extra weight, get off medications, and cleanse for glowing good health.

Green Sustainability

Solar Panels, Montgomery Township, near Princeton, NJ

Denise Marchisotto has also been involved in the Green Sustainability field for many years. In 2004 she completed her Permaculture Certification, the study of designing sustainable land use based on ecological and biological principles. She also studied Sustainable Living at the Real Goods Solar Living Institute, California, in 2003.

Denise completed the Green Future Management Certificate at Mercer County College, NJ, in 2009, and achieved her LEED Green Associate Certification in 2011. LEED, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is the internationally recognized standard in Green Building Design. LEED uses strategies aimed at improving performance across the areas that matter most: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

Experienced in many kinds of renovation, she did a large green renovation on her home of seven years north of Princeton, NJ, including the installation of a 3 kw solar system in 2009 using partial grants from the State of New Jersey Solar Rebate Program.

Glow Wellness

In 2012, Denise started Glow Wellness, as a way to help others achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Contact Denise at 732-718-1818 or Denise@Glow-Wellness.com.