Summer Essential Oil Cool-Off!

Apply a couple of drops of Peppermint essential oil on your neck and shoulders and feel the cool breezy feeling of peppermint oil. It is also good for applying on aches and pains. You can also put a drop of Peppermint or Lemon essential oil into a tall glass of ice water and feel its […]

Spa Cleanse, 9 Toxins to Avoid in Personal Care Products

Green America, a company that promotes green and healthy living, recently published the 9 Toxins to Avoid in Personal Care Products, and poster. Tracy Fernandez Rysavy, senior editor, “exposes how a mere 200 of the roughly 85,000 chemicals used in the US have been tested by the EPA since the Toxic Substances Control Act was […]

Spa Cellulite Reduction

Get ready for Summer Beach time! You’ve been cleansing your system for a couple of months, you’ve lost some weight and your exercise regimen over the winter and spring has paid off with toning, but there is some stubborn cellulite and some saggy areas you’d like to specifically tone. Home Care: Dry Brushing – Get […]

Summer Sunscreen Annual Ratings

Wondering if your sunscreen is effective? Click on EWG,Environmental Working Group’s website and read all about its Annual Sunscreen Guide, and its 195 best beach and sport sunscreens for this season. Find your favorite and see how it rates!

Summer Fitness Fun in the Sun!

            Summer is the time to get fit! Summer is the time to renew your dedication to your self and your fitness & exercise program. If you’ve put it off through the winter and spring, there are no more excuses to begin a basic exercise program, with the warm, sunny […]

Summer Fun, Time to Socialize for Self Health!

Summer is the time  for lots of social activity with family and friends! Everyone wants to get out in this beautiful warm weather and spend time with others! Parties, weddings, graduations, birthdays, and all the great summer holidays, keep us busy and connected. Keep all your relationships healthy and functional with all the wonderful self help […]

Cleanse and Refresh Your Body and Mind

Cleanse and Refresh Your Body and Mind! There are many ways to cleanse the body. How do we cleanse the mind, the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of our selves, much of which has accumulated over a lifetime? There are several ways we can do so on a regular basis, Deep Breathing and Meditation are […]

Summer Healthy Cleanse Guide!

Summer is a great time to cleanse the body! It’s hot, you’re active, and you can eat and drink all the fresh, cooling foods that your body needs to cleanse itself of impurities built up over the cold and wet months. There are many ways to do a Summer Cleanse. There are Food Cleanses, Vegetable […]

Summer Healthy Foods Guide!

Nutrition for the Summer is to cool the body by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and less dairy products and heavy meats, so that the body has a chance to detoxify and rest from the winter’s heavy eating. In addition, if you have cleansed in the Spring, Summer is a continuation with lots […]

Nutrition Boost with Wild Salmon!

Fresh Wild Salmon! When the spring thaw makes the northwestern rivers run full, there is nothing better than pure, fresh caught wild salmon, high in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, these fish are caught under humane methods that have been used for many years and are ethically and sustainably harvested and packaged to maintain […]