Summer Sunburn Soother with Lavender Essential Oil!

           Apply Lavender Essential Oil directly to sunburn and watch it heal almost instantly. Sunburn isn’t a lot of fun, so have lavender on hand all summer for those times you need instant relief! The property of healing burns was discovered by Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, PhD, a French cosmetic chemist, widely regarded as the father of aromatherapy. He […]

Summer Essential Oil Cool-Off!

Apply a couple of drops of Peppermint essential oil on your neck and shoulders and feel the cool breezy feeling of peppermint oil. It is also good for applying on aches and pains. You can also put a drop of Peppermint or Lemon essential oil into a tall glass of ice water and feel its […]

Spa Cellulite Reduction

Get ready for Summer Beach time! You’ve been cleansing your system for a couple of months, you’ve lost some weight and your exercise regimen over the winter and spring has paid off with toning, but there is some stubborn cellulite and some saggy areas you’d like to specifically tone. Home Care: Dry Brushing – Get […]

Cleansing Essential Oils!

Using Essential Oils to cleanse your body can be as easy as adding several drops of grapefruit, lemon or orange essential oil to your drinking water or one drop of peppermint essential oil to hot water for a soothing cup of tea. Therapeutic essential oils, taken internally, cleanse your system from within. We recommend using Young Living Essential […]

Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils were humanity’s first medicines. 4,000 year old records show that they were used by many in ancient times to promote health and for protection from disease. Essential Oils cleanse the body inside and out and are safe, natural and healthy. Essential Oils can be inhaled and diffused, used topically directly on the skin, […]