Class 1 – Cleanse & Stay Healthy! Outline

5 Lunch & Learn Wellness Classes

Cleanse & Stay Healthy!  Move & Stay Fit!  Relax & Stay Relaxed!  Glow & Stay Focused!

Introduce a series of 4 Lunch & Learn Wellness Classes to your business. These 45-minute sessions will inform your staff about good health and well being. Help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. All classes are fun, informative and interactive! $5 will provide attendees with a light, nutritious lunch. Handouts included.

Class 1 – Cleanse & Stay Healthy!

Diet, Nutrition, Cleansing & Weight Loss

In this class we’ll cover the basics of how to stay healthy by covering various common ways of eating, improving our choices, including more of what we need and less of what we don’t need, and watching how easy it is to prepare light, clean, easy meals that are nourishing and healthy.

Class 1 – Cleanse & Stay Healthy!

Diet, Nutrition, Cleansing & Weight Loss

Class Outline 12:00-12:45


  • Intro of Self and if small group, others, 1 minute per person
  • “What are you currently doing right?”
  • “What would you like to change?”
  • Handouts distributed


  • Basics of Healthy Diet & Nutrition, Cleansing & Weight Loss
  • Includes photos, charts, short power point, handouts
  • How to Stay Healthy for Life
  • Eating Clean, Whole Foods,
  • Eating a Plant Based Diet, Whole Grains, Vegetables, Fruits
  • Working & Traveling, Eating Smart
  • Organizing Your Kitchen for Success


  • Cooking for a Healthy Life
  • How to Cook Simple, Whole Grains, Demo
  • How to Cook Simple, Basic Greens, Demo
  • 2-Burner Hot Plate Demo, actual cooking


  • Veggies & Fruits, How to Eat 7 Servings a Day!
  • How to Make a Fresh, Live Smoothie, Demo
  • How to Add Protein & Other Options
  • How this can help Health, Cleansing, & Weight Loss
  • Hand out Smoothies for Lunch


Q & A


  • Quick Smoothie Lunch
  • Simple Whole Grains & Greens Lunch