Summer Healthy Cleanse Guide!

Summer is a great time to cleanse the body!

It’s hot, you’re active, and you can eat and drink all the fresh, cooling foods that your body needs to cleanse itself of impurities built up over the cold and wet months.

There are many ways to do a Summer Cleanse.

There are Food Cleanses, Vegetable Cleanses, Fruit Cleanses, Water Cleanses.

You can do a general cleanse. You can specifically cleanse the colon, liver, and other organs.

Start off by:

  • reducing the amount of food consumed
  • reduce the amount of red meats, soda, caffeine, junk food
  • adding more water filled foods like fruits and vegetables
  • add more salads as a main meal
  • adding more liquids such as water and fruit juices
  • add a daily fiber supplement
  • increase your exercise.

Try this for a week and see how much better you can feel!

Try the First Cleanse to learn more about cleansing with fresh, whole foods!

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