Spa Rejuvenation Coaching

Spa Rejuvenation Coaching

Try natural, holistic methods with body-centered approaches that can resolve issues of pain and other stress related symptoms such as headaches, TMJ, sciatica, sports injuries and insomnia. If you are looking for alternatives to pain medications or just don’t feel well anymore, call for a personalized evaluation and recommendations.

Internal Cleansing heals from the inside out, body-centered therapies heal and renew from the outside in.


Arbonne’s SeaSource Detox Spa Express Set can get you started on Spa Rejuvenation with using these spa quality products regularly, as they begin to detoxify your system, and you’ll begin to relax and renew!




Spa Rejuvenation Coaching…$145


  • Review of Health History Form, 30 minutes
  • Design Spa Rejuvenation Program Recommendations, 30 minutes
  • Spa Rejuvenation Consultation, 1 hour
  • Follow Up  Spa Rejuvenation Consultation, 30 minutes…$45 additional; 1 hour $85 additional

Spa Rejuvenation Coaching Options


Coach over the phone or if you are local to the Princeton, New Jersey area, schedule a in-person session.

Call today for more information, 732-718-1818, or Schedule a Complimentary Health Consultation.