Grow Your Own Food at a Community Garden


A great article in the Princeton Packet recently by Michele Byers recommends that “if you’d like to grow fresh veggies and fruits, but can’t or don’t want to have a garden at home, consider a community garden. They’re sprouting up in many places around the Garden State, providing fantastic spaces to test your green thumb.”

She continues, ” ‘Community gardens’ refer to sites, often on public land, where individuals can tend a patch of soil for the growing season, usually for a small fee. These gardens often are fenced to keep out critters, and water sources are usually provided. Some gardens even have picnic tables where gardeners can get acquainted and share tips on planting, weeding and watering.”

There are more than 18,000 community gardens in the United state. There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh, organically grown veggies, packed with the freshness and vitality of same day harvest.

To search for a community garden by zip code, go to

If you would like start a community garden, go to for guidance.

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