3. The Healthy Herbal Cleanse

Cleanse more deeply inner waste and toxins, reduce bloating, cravings, feel healthier.

Sonnes number 7 Sonnes number 9

Reduce belly bloat and thickness around the middle

Eliminate intestinal waste that has been there for years

Easily shed 5-10 plus pounds and more

Cut cravings for junk food

Reduce inflammation in the body

Normalize digestive and bowel functions

Clear up skin, look radiant and glowing

The Healthy Herbal Cleanse

Use No. 7 Detoxificant and No. 9 Intestinal Cleanser in a Cleansing Drink morning and evening as daily maintenance. Many use the Cleansing Drink every morning for years to help build and maintain bowel regularity. The purpose of No. 7 is to adsorb (not absorb) undesirable matter in the alimentary canal. The purpose of No. 9 is to furnish fiber that retains moisture. It is mucilaginous, slippery, soft and bulky. (It has far more fiber than bran.) – See more at: http://sonnes.com/rebuilding/#sthash.u0jmjzJ0.dpuf

Sonnes 7 Day Cleansing Program

Over sixty years of experience with fasts and cleansing have convinced us that each year the colon of the average American becomes more distorted. We firmly believe that, unless all fecal matter is removed, no amount or kinds of drugs, operations, vitamins, or food supplements (including ours) will rid the body of all chronic ailments. Therefore, the most important procedure directed towards regaining Your Health is the complete and thorough cleansing of the colon, no matter what or how long it takes.

A 7 Day Cleanse (Fast) should be a must for everyone two to four times per year. Scientists have found that certain tiny water animals, alternately fed one week and starved the next during their entire life, lived five times longer than those that were fed all the time. Moderate fasting should be a routine procedure for everyone.

Our cleansing program is designed so that the glands and organs of the body can take a much-needed rest. As a supplement during the program, therefore, we recommend our No. 10 GreenLife®.
– See more at: http://sonnes.com/7-day-cleansing-program/#sthash.zBe6V6Mg.dpuf

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More About The Healthy Herbal Cleanse

The Healthy Herbal Cleanse is designed to do when working full time.

You are not hungry, you do not feel weak, and you are not “running to the bathroom” all the time.


  • Reduces belly bloat as it clears out old waste in the bowels
  • Easily helps shed 10 plus pounds
  • Normalizes your bowel functions. “Going once a day” is not normal. Normal is having a bowel movement within 20-30 minutes after eating a normal meal or large snack. Anything other than that is considered some form of constipation, which plagues much of the American population. This program will help that.
  • Helps clear up skin issues. The skin is the largest organ of elimination. By cleansing the bowel, it helps to clear up the skin.
  • Helps with glowing, radiant skin
  • Cuts cravings for junk food, and keeps the cravings away for a long time
  • Reduces inflammation in the body, inflammation can lead to illness
  • Gets you to a baseline of health from which to reassess various ailments
    and many other benefits!

About Obesity:


According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, “Results from the 2009-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) indicate that an estimated 35.7 percent of U.S. adults 20 years and older are obese and 5.9 percent are extremely obese.”

“American society has become ‘obesogenic,’ characterized by environments that promote increased food intake, nonhealthful foods, and physical inactivity. Policy and environmental change initiatives that make healthy choices in nutrition and physical activity available, affordable, and easy will likely prove most effective in combating obesity.”

Watch this alarming trend of the growing epidemic of obesity on this animated map of the US, showing the United States obesity prevalence from 1985 through 2009. CDC, Centers for Disease Control Obesity Trends.

About Stress:


75% of all illnesses are due to stress. Stress has been linked, either directly or indirectly, to coronary heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidental injuries, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

About 34 million Americans have high blood pressure. We consume nearly 15 tons of aspirins per day. One out of every six takes some form of tranquilizer regularly.

A 1990 New England Journal of Medicine study discovered that 34% of Americans are using some form of alternative health care — the top three being relaxation techniques, chiropractic care, and massage therapy.

The Natural Health philosophy is that when you regularly relax the body through proper diet, exercise, massage therapy, spa therapies, time off, psychotherapy to get at deep rooted stress, and the many other natural alternatives available, your stress level goes down so it never gets to a chronic state. When it does not get to a chronic state, you avoid it turning into an ailment–an ulcer, migraine or heart attack. Reducing stress regularly also helps the aging process and longevity.

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