Body Treatments

Body Scrubs leave the skin clean, soft and glowing.

Body Wraps leave the body cleansed, toned and energized.

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Body Scrubs

Purifying salts and sugars are gently scrubbed over the body, cleansing and exfoliating, leaving the skin and body clean and refreshed. 30 minutes.

Sea Salt Glow Body Scrub

A detoxifying scrub of sea salt and oil helping relax tight muscles, exfoliate rough, dry skin and aid in cellulite breakdown, 30  minutes.

Price: $45.00

Sweet Silky Sugar Body Scrub

A silky scrub of fine, natural white and brown sugars exfoliate, while a blend of grape seed and canola oils hydrate and nourish. Choose from Lavender Vanilla or Rose Bud. 30 minutes.

Price: $45.00

Citrus Body Scrub

A refreshing body scrub that exfoliates and hydrates the skin as the apricot seed  and moisturizing base leave your skin renewed and soft with a refreshing scent of lemon, orange and lime essential oils. 30 minutes.

Price: $45.00

Body Wraps*

Exquisite healing masks with high concentrations of organic nutrients, elements and trace minerals, are applied to the entire body, then wrapped in heated blankets to cleanse and detoxify, showered off and finished with mineral rich massage creams, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Relieves fatigue, calms nerves and helps skin conditions. All Body Wraps include cleansing, exfoliation and mask of the face and neck. 60 minutes.

Hydrating Seaweed Body Wrap

Seaweeds harvested in the pure waters off the coast of Brittany, France, soothe and hydrate, calm sensitive skin, improve circulation and skin tone.

Price: $95.00

Slimming Seaweed Body Wrap

Pure seaweeds draw impurities, slim, tone and nourish, increase circulation, and help water retention and cellulite breakdown.

Price: $95.00

Seaweed Body Wraps, Series of 5

Seaweed Body Wraps, Hydrating, Slimming, or mix and match! Series of 5. Save $25.

Price: $450.00

Slimming Seaweed Tummy Wrap

Along with a massage or body treatment, a targeted specialty mask for the tummy to help slim, firm and tone. Contains active slimming ingredients such as guarana (caffeine), laminaria, and iodine, to help drain toxins, and rosemary leaf oil, an antioxidant. 30 minutes.

Price: $45.00

Detoxifying Moor Mud Body Wrap

Moor mud, harvested from a fertile valley in the snow-capped Austrian Alps, is created through a maturing process over many thousands of years. The Moor’s high organic nutrients and trace elements improve natural skin and body functioning and is highly cleansing, detoxifying and energizing.

Price: $105.00

Mineralizing Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

Natural black mud found bubbling up from the volcanic springs along the Dead Sea, has the outstanding ability to cleanse and soothe the skin. Its high concentration of elements and minerals is highly valued for helping aches and pains, fatigue, detoxifying the body and rejuvenation, leaving the skin looking young and glowing with good health.

Price: $105.00

Jade & Ginseng Slimming Wrap

Tone, tighten and detoxify your body using the art of pressure wrapping. Powerful Chinese and Asian herbal formulas help contour and slim your body, and dramatically improves the appearance of cellulite. A course of  five treatments is recommended for optimum results. 80 minutes. *included in our Slim, Tone & Relax Spa Package.

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*Treatments involving body wraps are not recommended for people who are pregnant or have high blood pressure, diabetes, history of fainting or are on certain medications.

Jade & Ginseng Slimming Wraps, Series of 5

Jade & Ginseng Slimming Wraps, Series of 5. Save $50.

Price: $575.00