Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Classes


Glow Wellness specializes in training Wellness Professionals and Wellness Centers in Therapeutic Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, so that they may integrate this healing knowledge into treatments to benefit their clients. We use Young Living Essential Oils, the highest standard in the industry today.

10 Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Classes

Class 1 – Introduction to The Everyday Oils

In this introduction to essential oils, enjoy learning about the variety of uses of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, how to apply them, and their history and relevance today as a healing tool for health and wellness. Learn about the Young Living Everyday Oils Collection, designed to meet a variety of daily needs.

Class 2 – Essential Oils for Beauty & Wellness

Learn about the Essential Oils for maintaining beauty and wellness that have been used by women and men throughout the years for beauty, health and wellness.  Experience pure, organic, skincare, body care and nutritional care for beauty from the inside out and the outside in! Give yourself a mini facial and other relaxing spa treatments and leave relaxed and glowing.

Class 3 – Essential Oils for Cleansing & Weight Loss

Learn about the powerful Cleansing Essential Oils, those that help cleanse the body from within and without and help increase immunity.  Learn about the healthy nutritional products that Young Living offers to aid in cleansing and weight control. Add essential oils daily and to any cleansing program to magnify its effects.

Class 4 – Essential Oils for Daily First Aid & Dr Mom

Discover how pure essential oils can protect your family against germs and viruses. Learn practical uses for everyday first aid. Learn what to do for fevers, flus, earaches, asthma, allergies and more. Learn how to use natural, safe alternatives.

Class 5 – Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance

Learn about ways to balance your hormonal system naturally with essential oils and nutrition.

Class 6 – Essential Oils for Immunity, Colds & Flu, Pain & Stress

Learn which essential oils help build immunity and ward off colds and flu. Use specific oils to ease painful, stressed muscles and remain pain free.

Class 7 – Essential Nutrition & Pure, Healthy Personal Care

Learn how to boost your immune system with all natural nutrition and pure healthy personal care products. Learn how to begin replacing toxic chemical laden products with pure, organic products.

Class 8 – Essential Oils for Emotional Health, The Feelings Oils

Learn about the Essential Oils for emotional health, that have helped people for thousands of years. Add essential oils daily to your wellness program. Promote emotional clearance and self renewal with a special collection of essential oils, including Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release, and Present Time. A natural way to leave negative recollections behind and begin each day with renewed exuberance.

Class 9 – Essential Oils of Ancient Times

Learn about the essential oils people used thousands of years ago to ward off illness, strengthen the immune system and restore balance and healing.

Class 10 – Raindrop Technique Oils

Learn how to give a Raindrop Technique, where healing essential oils are gently massaged into your back, deeply penetrating into the tissues, balancing your energy, relieving pain and stress, enhancing the immune system and helping restore relaxation and balance.

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