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Cleanse on the inside, detoxify with spa treatments on the outside, feel your glow again.

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Spa Cleanse Detox

Spa Package


A great jump start to cleansing and detoxification. Feel lighter, refreshed and glowing again!

5+ hours…total value: $660, save $165

Cleanse & Relax with the following:

* $69.97 -$13.99 discount + $25 s & h = $80.98

**$131 + $12 s & h

Price: $445.00


Raw Generation Juices

2 Days additional,  6/day*
*plus shipping & handling
Price: $130.00
  • Complimentary Cleanse Consultation, prior
  • Cleanse with fresh, live juices and smoothies
  • Begin your 14-Day Herbal Cleanse Program
  • Learn quick and easy live juicing
  • Lose a few pounds, naturally and effortlessly
  • Cleanse, detox with a warm, soothing Infrared Sauna
  • Relax, detox with your Cleanse Spa Package
  • Enjoy using healing essential oils for everyday use, cleansing, and cellulite reduction
  • Begin creating your Spa at Home to support your cleansing goals
  • Review your Home Care Program
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