1. The Healthy Food Cleanse

Cleanse with fresh, whole foods, feel better, look better, lose those extra pounds.

Cleanse with fresh, whole foods

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, reduce processed foods

Clean up your diet and lifestyle

Lose extra weight

Prepare for a deeper cleanse

Gain energy and clarity of mind 

Download your documents for repeated use.

Includes Cleanse & Coach Session, 1 hour, $75 value.

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Price: $97.00

The Healthy Food Cleanse…$97

The Healthy Food Cleanse gives you all the information you’ll need to begin a gentle cleanse with fresh, whole foods, and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, giving you a path to a healthy lifestyle.

Everything you need is included in The Healthy Food Cleanse.

The Healthy Food Cleanse is given in a group format four times a year, at the change of seasons. It includes an additional private The Healthy Food Cleanse Facebook Group to share ideas with fellow cleansers. It also includes an additional personal Cleanse & Coach Session, 1 hour, a $75 value.

The Healthy Food Cleanse can also be given in a private one on one format without the group structure.

It includes:

  • Complimentary Cleanse Consultation
  • 1. Cleanse Guide-Start Here!
  • 2. Bad Foods & Good Foods-Avoid & Include
  • 3. Daily Meal Plan-& Cleanse Schedule
  • 4. The Cleansing Diet-Basic Recipes for Life
  • 5. Shopping List-Check it Off
  • 6. Good Elimination-Arise & Shine Cleanse
  • 7. Nutribullet Basics-Easy Juicy Smoothies
  • 8. Juice Cleansing Basics-Easy Juicy Recipes
  • 9. Eating Out Guide-Fun & Pleasure
  • 10. The Spa Guide-Enjoy Your Cleanse!
  • 11. Relaxation Exercises-Feel Calmer
  • 12. Cleanse Your Life-Step by Step
  • 13. Go With the Flow-After the Cleanse
  • 14. BONUS 1-Exercise & Fitness-Flexibility & Yoga, 12-Week Walking Program
  • 15. BONUS 2-Lifetime Goals Exercise-Get Clear & Focused
  • Complimentary 20-Minute After Cleanse Consultation


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Price: $97.00

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More About The Healthy Food Cleanse


In The Healthy Food Cleanse we talk about how to prepare yourself for a deeper cleanse 1-2 weeks before and 1-2 weeks after, or any time you want to reduce the stress on your body and give your system a rest from heavy digestion.

We gently prepare the body by eliminating foods that add acidity and toxicity to the body, and include clean, wholesome foods that gently cleanse and add alkalinity to the body.

Then, when you do The Healthy Juice Cleanse or The Healthy Herbal Cleanse, you’ve already been gently cleansing your system with healthy food, and they will go more smoothly. The Healthy Food Cleanse prepares you for more thorough cleansing with juices and herbs, and can also be done at the same time as The Healthy Juice Cleanse and The Healthy Herbal Cleanse for truly exceptional results.

Follow The Healthy Food Cleanse guidelines and greatly enhance your well being.

Sign up for The Healthy Food Cleanse and lose weight, cleanse your body, improve your digestion, clear up your complexion, and transition to a better more natural diet. Have more energy, feel better and look better.