The Healthy Weight Loss Program & Spa Package

Cleanse and lose weight, tone and tighten with spa treatments,  love your body again.

Have more energy and vitality, lose those extra pounds.

Young happy smiling woman with green apple.The Healthy Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive and holistic 4-week program, and includes:

Nutrition and Cleansing for Weight Loss
Weight Loss Counseling and Support Groups
Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Overeating
Overcome Overeating with EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique
Spa Detox Treatments and Home Care

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young beautiful womanThe Healthy Weight Loss Spa Package includes:

The Healthy Food Cleanse
The Healthy Juice Cleanse
The Healthy Herbal Cleanse
Infrared Saunas
Slimming & Body Contouring Treatments
Glow Aromatherapy Massages
Slim, Tone & Relax Spa Packages

Laughing female with wind

The Coach & Glow Program.

Reach your goals with weight, nutrition, exercise, health and wellness.

Choose the best one for you.

Feel the glow of success!

Healthy Weight Loss Spa Packages, Programs & Retreats

4 Options – Select from those below

Healthy Weight Loss

Spa Package


A great jump start to cleansing and weight loss. Feel lighter, feel the pounds begin to come off.

5+ hours…total value $691, save $166

Cleanse & Relax with the following:

* $69.97 -$13.99 discount + $25 s & h = $80.98

**$131 + $12 s & h

Price: $525.00

Raw Generation Juices
2 Days additional,  6/day*
*$69.97 x 2 – $27.99 discount + $26.68 s & h
Price: $165.31

  • Complimentary Cleanse Consultation, prior
  • Cleanse with fresh, live juices and smoothies
  • Begin your 14-Day Herbal Cleanse Program
  • Learn quick and easy live juicing
  • Lose a few pounds, naturally and effortlessly
  • Relax and slim with your Slim, Tone & Relax Spa Package, including a warm, soothing Infrared Sauna
  • Enjoy using healing essential oils for everyday use, weight loss, and cellulite reduction
  • Begin your Spa at Home to support your weight loss goals
  • Review your Home Care Program

Let’s Get Started! Schedule your complimentary Cleanse Consultation

 Let’s Get Your Glow Back!