The Total Movement Program

Design a daily Movement & Fitness program and look and feel better.

MoveDo all 3 Movement Classes at once in a 1-Day Workshop:

Complimentary Move Consultation

1. The Glow Cardio Walking Class $25 value

2. The Glow Strength Class,  $25 value

3. The Glow Yoga & Flexibility Class, $25 value

4. Essential Oils for Fitness, Pain & Stress Class, $25 value

Cleanse & Coach Session, 2 complimentary 15 minute follow up sessions, $45 value

Design a Movement Program that will work for you!

You will feel better, look better and have more energy.

Learn how to systematically move your body and relax your mind with classes to address all areas of movement and fitness.

The Total Movement Program Workshop

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Price: $149.00

Complimentary Move Consultation, 30 minutes, discussing where you are at currently, where you’d like to be, your goals, and how to achieve them around movement and fitness.

Woman training at the gym

1. The Glow Cardio Walking Class

Learn a basic Walking Program that helps in building cardiovascular health, weight loss and toning, in an easy, 30-minute a day program…$25

Woman exercising at the gym

2. The Glow Strength Class Learn a basic Strength Training Program that helps in weight loss and toning, in an easy, 30-minute a day program. Find a routine that you can stick with to maintain strength and tone throughout your life…$25

Gym woman holding yoga mat

3. The Glow Yoga & Flexibility Class, Learn a basic Yoga Program that helps in strength building and flexibility, in an easy, 10-minute a day program…Find a simple flexibility routine that includes basic yoga that you can do daily to  maintain flexibility throughout your life…$25


4. Essential Oils for Fitness, Pain & Stress Class, Learn about the Essential Oils for maintaining fitness and wellness that have been used throughout the years and for natural pain relief without the use of prescription drugs.

The Cleanse & Coach Session, with 2-15 minute (or 1 30-minute) follow up sessions, will help answer any questions after and help keep you on track for success.

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