Relax Wellness Program

The Relax Wellness Program helps deeply relax, cleanse and restore, helping your glow return. It has 2 parts, the Deep Relaxation Program and the Spa Relaxation Program

massage. Do all 4 Relaxation Classes at once in a 1-Day Workshop:

Complimentary Relaxation Consultation

1. Relax for Health Class $45 value

2. Massage for Health Class $45 value

3. Create a Home Spa Class $45 value + $25 materials fee

4. Essential Oils for Beauty & Wellness Class $15 value

Cleanse & Coach Session, 1 complimentary 15 minute follow up sessions, $25 value

Deeply Relax your body, mind and spirit often.

You will feel deeply relaxed and restored.

Learn how to systematically and scientifically deeply relax your body, mind and spirit especially during times of stress, anxiety and pain for relief of symptoms.

Learn when to reach out for others help in relaxation.

You will feel better, look better and have more energy.

Relax Wellness Program Workshop

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Price: $149.00

Yoga & Meditation

1. Relax for Health Class. In this Introduction to Relaxation and stress management class, learn the basic methods of clinical relaxation, including aerobic exercise, basic yoga and flexibility, deep breathing, meditation and visualization, to apply in an easy, 10-minute a day program, to help reduce anxiety, stress, and pain. Use these skills an time, anywhere, to relax, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

2 hours.…$45

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1. Massage for Health ClassIn the Massage for Health Class, learn the basic methods of therapeutic massage and self massage. Learn to give and receive basic massage to family, friends and loved ones, to help them reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue and pain, and increase relaxation, energy, and feelings of well being. Learn basic relaxation strokes as well as therapeutic techniques to relieve aches and pains, tension headaches, stomachaches and muscle spasms, and help ease the stresses and strains of daily life. Learn how to use Essential Oils to increase the benefits of massage.

2 hours.…$45


3. Create a Home Spa Class. Learn how to create a Home Spa and use the secrets of rejuvenation to relax and renew regularly at home, reducing stress and tension, aches and pains for you and your family. Learn the basics of using therapeutic grade Essential Oils for a host of common daily problems.

Have fun learning about the variety of methods of rejuvenating the body, including massage therapy, spa treatments, skincare, and home cleansing techniques like the Natural Cellulite Treatment. Learn to give and receive a mini massage and facial. Learn how to focus on more fruits and veggies and to eat cleanly. Also learn basic relaxation techniques to reduce stress on the go. 2 hours.

2 hours.…$45 + $25 materials fee

Jasmine & Lady Sclerol

4. Essential Oils for Wellness Class. Enjoy this introductory class on the use of therapeutic grade essential oils for a host of common daily problems and as a powerful tool for relaxation and healing. Learn about the Essential Oils used for maintaining beauty, health and wellness that have been used by women and men throughout the years. 1 hour.

1 hour.…$15

The Cleanse & Coach Session, with 1-15 minute follow up session, will help answer any questions after and help keep you on track for success.

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Spa Relaxation Program

Get on a program of monthly or quarterly scheduled relaxation and rejuvenation.

You will feel better, look better and have more energy.

Recommended Spa Relaxation Schedule:

Therapeutic Massage               Monthly
Spa Relaxation Package          Quarterly

Therapeutic massage and spa treatments are so important in restoring a feeling of well being. People have been using these natural therapies for centuries because they make you feel better, quickly and easily.  Massage and spa time are another important component of wellness along with nutrition and fitness.  Sometimes it’s hard to justify the expense of a massage or spa visit, but ultimately, if you keep up a regular routine, you will feel better most of the time, with less aches and pains and fewer expensive and time-consuming doctor visits. Once a month is the optimal period to avoid fatigue and downtime.

Choose a Therapeutic Massage or Spa Relaxation Package and feel the rejuvenation that comes from planning ahead to feel better. Choose from the selection below and schedule monthly or quarterly at the change of seasons for optimal well being.

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