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Below is a full listing of Harmony Natural Living’s Rejuvenate Classes:

Fitness, Spa & Massage, and Essential Oils.

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All Classes, unless indicated, are approximately 1-2 hours.

Fitness Classes

Fitness for Health Class

In this introduction to fitness, have fun designing a fitness program that includes cardio, strengthening, and flexibility exercises, in an easy, daily program to help reduce depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and pain. Design a program that includes all three for maximum health and wellness that fits your lifestyle. Includes a complimentary Gaiam 5 Day Fit Weight Loss DVD, a $15 value!


Spa & Massage Classes & Parties

Spa Home Party – An Introduction to Rejuvenation

In this introduction to rejuvenation, have fun learning about the variety of methods of rejuvenating the body, including massage therapy, spa treatments, skincare and facials. Learn to give and receive a mini massage and facial. Learn how to create a Home Spa and use the secrets of rejuvenation to relax and renew regularly at home. Also learn basic relaxation techniques to reduce stress on the go. Includes a complimentary bottle of Young Living Lavender essential oil, a $21 value!


Massage for Health Class

Learn to give and receive basic massage for health, to reduce fatigue, stress, headaches and backaches, and increase relaxation, energy and feelings of well being. Learn basic relaxation strokes as well as some therapeutic techniques to relieve aches and pains. Learn how essential oils can increase the benefits of massage. Includes a complimentary bottle of Young Living V-6 Massage Oil, a $20 value!


Essential Oils Meetings, Classes & Parties

Essential Oils Gathering – An Introduction to Essential Oils

Essential Oils Party  – An Introduction to Essential Oils

In this introduction to essential oils, enjoy learning about the variety of uses of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, how to apply them, and their history and relevance today as a healing tool for health and wellness. Host an Essential Oils Home Party and learn while having fun with friends!



The Everyday Oils Class

Learn about the Young Living Everyday Oils and Essential 7 Collections, designed to meet a variety of daily needs.



The Pain & Stress Oils Class

Learn about the powerful nature of Young Living’s Thieves essential oil and the Golden Touch 1 Collection, which provides immune support throughout the year.



The Cleansing Essential Oils Class

Learn about the powerful Cleansing Essential Oils, those that help cleanse the body from within and without. Add essential oils daily and to any cleansing program and magnify its effects. Essential oils helps promote cleansing of the body and increase immunity.



The Feelings Oils Class

Learn how this special Feelings Collection of oils, formulated by Dr. Gary Young, can promote emotional clearance and self renewal.



The Ancient Oils Class

Learn about the Ancient Oils, the twelve most significant oils found in the texts of the Bible and that were used by ancient peoples for their profound healing properties.



The Raindrop Technique Class

An ancient tradition which involves the application of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to the back of the body. This treatment is good for relieving pain and stress. Learn how to give and receive the benefits of the Raindrop Technique to family and friends, to help increase vitality and well being. 4 hours.