Summer Sunburn Soother with Lavender Essential Oil!


Apply Lavender Essential Oil directly to sunburn and watch it heal almost instantly. Sunburn isn’t a lot of fun, so have lavender on hand all summer for those times you need instant relief!

The property of healing burns was discovered by Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, PhD, a French cosmetic chemist, widely regarded as the father of aromatherapy. He and a group of scientists began studying essential oils in 1907.

In his 1937 book, Aromatherapy, Dr. Gattefosse told the real story of his now-famous use of lavender essential oil to heal a serious burn. The tale has assumed mythic proportions in essential oil literature. His own words about this accident are even more powerful than what has been told over the years.

Dr. Gattefosse was literally aflame, covered in burning substances, following a laboratory explosion in July, 1910. After he extinguished the flames by rolling on a grassy lawn, he wrote that “both my hands were covered with rapidly developing gas gangrene.” He further reported that, “just one rinse with lavender essence stopped the gasification of the tissue. This treatment ws followed by profuse sweating and healing which began the next day.”

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