Summer Healthy Foods Guide!

Nutrition for the Summer is to cool the body by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and less dairy products and heavy meats, so that the body has a chance to detoxify and rest from the winter’s heavy eating.

In addition, if you have cleansed in the Spring, Summer is a continuation with lots of salads, fresh seafood, fruits and grains that keep the body fluid and feeling good!

Drink more fluids  and water during the long, hot summer months to cleanse your system. Cook lightly and serve more cooling fresh foods such as salads and fruits. Try eating just a big salad for dinner and watch the pounds come off!

Heavy foods on hot days causes sluggishness, such as meats, eggs, and other heavy proteins. Eating less and lightly on hot summer days is a natural, healthy practice.

Tell us what are your favorite summer cooling foods?

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Eat more Wild Salmon for a lighter but filling alternative to meat!

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