Wellness Center Programs

Glow Wellness offers Wellness Centers programs to enhance clients’ well being and satisfaction.

Transformative Nutrition Program

Our Transformative Nutrition Programs are designed to provide a comprehensive laboratory analysis followed by recommendations from our Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Coaching for support.

Our Philosophy

We believe that since everyone is biochemically and physiologically unique, no single way of eating works for everyone. A food that promotes health for one person may make another person gain weight and feel lethargic. Men eat differently than women, athletes eat differently than sedentary individuals, and we all have very different preferences and cultural backgrounds.

An individual’s personal taste and inclinations, body type, metabolic rates and genetic backgrounds all influence what foods will best nourish them. Our personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, body composition and cellular structure all influence health and wellness.

Our Transformative Nutrition Program

Our Transformative Nutrition Packages are designed to provide a comprehensive laboratory analysis followed by recommendations from our Clinical Nutritionist. Wellness Coaching will support you to sustain progress and reach your health and wellness goals.

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Lunch & Learn Wellness Classes

Introduce a series of 4 Lunch & Learn Wellness Classes to your business. These 45-minute sessions will inform your staff about good health and well being. Help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. All classes are fun, informative and interactive! $5 will provide attendees with a light, nutritious lunch. Handouts included.

Cleanse & Stay Healthy!  Move & Stay Fit!  Relax & Stay Relaxed!  Glow & Stay Focused!

Class 1 – Cleanse & Stay Healthy! Cleansing, Nutrition & Weight Loss

Class 2 – Move & Stay Fit! Movement & Fitness

Class 3 – Relax & Stay Relaxed! Relaxation, Meditation, Massage, Spa & Essential Oils

Class 4 – Glow & Stay Focused! Life Purpose & Visualization of Goals

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The Thai massage

Spa Professionals Training

Glow Wellness offers Spa Professionals training to increase client satisfaction, retention and enhance success.

Glow Wellness specializes in training Spa Professionals, including Massage Therapists and Spa Therapists, in Technical Training, Client Handling Skills, and Retail Sales Training, from 30 years experience in the massage therapy and day spa industries, and in teaching the Glow Massage, a winning massage technique, with thousands of satisfied clients.

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Essential Oils & Aromatherapy  Classes

Glow Wellness specializes in training Wellness Professionals and Wellness Centers in Therapeutic Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, so that they may integrate this healing knowledge into treatments to benefit their clients. We use Young Living Essential Oils, the highest standard in the industry today.

10 Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Classes


Class 1 – Introduction to The Everyday Oils

Class 2 – Essential Oils for Spa & Beauty

Class 3 – Essential Oils for Cleansing & Weight Loss

Class 4 – Essential Oils for Daily First Aid for Dr Mom

Class 5 – Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance

Class 6 – Thieves Essential Oil for Immunity, Colds & Flu, Pain & Stress

Class 7 – Essential Nutrition & Pure, Healthy Personal Care

Class 8 – The Feelings Oils

Class 9 – The Essential Oils of Ancient Times

Class 10 – The Raindrop Technique Oils

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